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Your tires keep you connected to the road and should be routinely maintained to ensure proper usage. If you allow your regular tire maintenance to be forgotten, you'll be in danger of receiving a flat, tire blow out, or excessive tire wear. Here are a few ways that our Jacksonville, Orange Park, and beyond drivers can take care of their Volkswagen tires.



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  • Tire Pressure - Your tire pressure should be checked monthly, as it can change with weather patterns and seasons. You'll want to see what your tire pressure should be in your owner's manual, test it with a pressure gauge, and then fill or let out air as needed. An under-inflated or over-inflated tire can cause more wear, not grip as well, and may use more fuel.
  • Tire Tread - The tread on your tires is necessary for the right amount of grip on the road. Over time, the tread does wear down, causing your tires to become unsafe. You can check your tires by using a tread depth gauge, having a technician take a closer look, or by using the penny test method. If your tires' tread is worn, you'll want to have your tires replaced.
  • Tire Rotation - To ensure even wear on every tire, you'll need to have routine tire rotations performed. Tire rotations should be done at every oil change or every 6,000 to 8,000-miles.
  • Tire Alignment - If you've noticed that your steering wheel is straight, but your car is turning, your tires need to be aligned. Your suspension may have been knocked out of whack for several reasons, including hitting potholes or running into curbs, but no matter the reason, don't let your car sit for too long without being properly aligned. Not having your wheels aligned will cause greater wear on your tires, will provide less fuel economy, and can cause steering issues.
  • Tire Balancing - Every time you have your tires changed or replaced, your tires should be balanced. This service makes sure that the weight is evenly distributed and will keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Does Your Volkswagen Car Or SUV Need Tire Service?

If so, we recommend scheduling a service appointment with our Tom Bush Volkswagen service center. Our technicians can check every part of your tires to ensure they're in perfect shape, and, if you do require new tires, our parts department can find you the right tires for your VW vehicle. Contact us from Daytona FL, Palm Coast FL, Riverside FL, Saint Augustine, Jacksonville Beach, or beyond to have your tires serviced today!