Vehicle Service Protection

Unexpected expenses won't know
what hit them.
Term Protection

Don't get worn down by everyday

CPO Vehicle Service Protection

Unexpect the unexpected.

Lease-End Protection
End your lease with added ease, not
Guaranteed Asset Protection

Your best bet for a worst case scenario.
Tire & Wheel Protection with
Optional Cosmetic Coverage

Keep on rolling.
Multi-Coverage Protection
Expand your coverage, extend your
peace of mind.
Theft Protection
Just like your Volkswagen, this one's
a keeper.
Key Protection
Lost your keys? Not a problem


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   Custom auto insurance for Volkswagen owners.


Choose Which Volkswagen Drive Easy Protection Plans Would Be Right For You

Although we, here at Tom Bush Volkswagen, know that your VW is a dependable vehicle, we also understand that, over time, cars require maintenance, repairs, and protection. To keep your peace-of-mind, Volkswagen offers every Jacksonville, Orange Park, and beyond driver with the option of choosing from our many Volkswagen Protection Plans.

Which Volkswagen Protection Plan Will You Add Onto Your VW Car Or SUV?

  • Vehicle Service Protection - With the choice of three different service protection plans, drivers can choose how much coverage they'll receive on the mechanical parts and labor of your VW. You could add up to 10-years and 150,000-miles beyond your factory warranty program and will enjoy confidence in any drive.
  • Term Protection - Every day wear happens. This protection plan covers the parts and labors for common wear items, such as brake pads, belts and hoses, headlamps, wheel alignments, and much more.
  • Certified Pre-Owned Service Protection - Designed for the CPO Volkswagen vehicles, this protection program contains coverage for up to 10-years/150,000-miles with three certified pre-owned protection plans for you mechanical issues.
  • Lease-End Protection - When your VW lease ends, if you have the lease-end protection, you can waive up to $10,000 of excess wear and tear charges as well as other lease-end fees.
  • Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) - If you're VW is ever unfortunately labeled as a total loss, there may be a gap in the insurance assessment and how much the finance agreement balance is. To help pay for the remaining money, the guaranteed asset protection will cover it for you.
  • Tire & Wheel Protection with Optional Cosmetic Coverage - Did you run over a nail in Saint Augustine, glass in Jacksonville Beach, or maybe you hit a pothole in Riverside FL? This protection service will cover the repair or replacement of your tire.
  • Multi-Coverage Protection - Use this protection to cover multiple aspects of your vehicle, including your tires, any potential dents, your windshield, and more.
  • Theft Protection - Your VW is gorgeous and, if someone else thinks that way too and decides to take action, you'll want to have the theft protection in place.
  • Key Protection - Losing your keys happens. This protection program will replace your key fob and potentially save you hundreds of dollars.

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Interested in one or more of our Volkswagen Drive Easy Protection Plans? Take the short drive from Daytona FL, Palm Coast FL, or beyond to our Jacksonville dealership and our team will go over every plan with you in detail.

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