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If you're interested in a Volkswagen car near Orange Park, Jacksonville Beach, Saint Augustine, or beyond, we recommend swinging by Tom Bush Volkswagen, located right in Jacksonville, Florida. Not only does Tom Bush Volkswagen offer a wide array of the latest Volkswagen vehicles on the market, but they also have plenty of brand-new sedans, hatchbacks, and even convertibles from which you can choose.

Discover Which New VW Car You Want In Jacksonville

From the iconic VW Beetle to the new VW Arteon, our Jacksonville Volkswagen dealership has a new VW car for every type of Riverside driver. 


Looking For A Volkswagen Dealer Near Orange Park? Visit Tom Bush Volkswagen

Whether you live in the fun town of Orange Park, you reside in nearby Saint Augustine or Riverside FL, or your driveway is right here in Jacksonville, our Tom Bush Volkswagen dealership is here to help you find the new or used VW of your dreams. If you're in the Orange Park area and you're considering visiting Tom Bush Volkswagen, here are four reasons why many of our Orange Park and Jacksonville drivers choose Tom Bush Volkswagen for all of their car needs.

  • The Latest New VW Vehicles - Here at Tom Bush Volkswagen, we strive to always have…

Find a Certified Pre-Owned Volkswagen TDI Engine In Jacksonville Today!

When it comes to power and performance, there's no engine in the new Volkswagen lineup that's more robust and aggressive than the available turbocharged direct injection (TDI) engine. Highlighted by its turbodiesel output and its astonishing on-road capability, the new Volkswagen TDI is innovatively charged to lead you through the unknown on your next adventure through Orange Park.


Volkswagen Tiguan: Imported SUV With Urban Character

A 2.0L turbocharged engine propels the Volkswagen Tiguan SUV as it drives around Jacksonville. The cylinder block is made of cast iron, and the cylinder heads are made of cast aluminum alloy. This I-4 powertrain is linked to the Tiptronic auto transmission system that offers up to eight fixed gear ratios. You can take full control of the car's 4x4 drive system by turning an electronic dial in the instrument panel.



The 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan is the Perfect SUV for Florida’s Atlantic Coast

Wind, waves, and white sand beaches make the Atlantic Coast of Florida a true paradise, and traveling throughout this area can be great fun! However, it can also be incredibly hot and humid, and frequent rain presents unique challenges for traveling. That’s where the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan can provide an ideal solution for Saint Augustine drivers.


Servicing Your Volkswagen in the St. Augustine Area

It's easy to take it for granted that your car will always work when you need it. Our hectic lifestyles and busy schedules leave us little room for our cars to break down unexpectedly on the roads of Orange Park and elsewhere. With regular maintenance, you can usually avoid an unpleasant surprise that leaves you stranded right when you need your car most.

While small, routine maintenance tasks seem innocuous enough to put off until you have the time or inclination, it's best to stay current with completing them.  


Browse Many Used Cars in Our Saint Augustine Dealership


Throughout Saint Augustine, there's lots of places to be and things to enjoy. Having a reliable set of wheels can get you there, and if it's savings you're looking for a quality pre-owned vehicle might be the path for you. We carry plenty of used cars and want you to take the time to explore them and see what's appealing to you, and help you get behind the wheel of a quality vehicle.


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Discover Your Next Used Car Option in Orange Park


Here in Orange Park, there's always going to be a need for quality vehicles at quality pricing. If going for a new car isn't your thing be it price, or your driving habits, a pre-owned vehicle makes plenty of sense. At Tom Bush Volkswagen we have all those options with a large collection of used cars and SUVs to choose from!




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