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Looking For A Volkswagen Dealer Near Orange Park? Visit Tom Bush Volkswagen

Whether you live in the fun town of Orange Park, you reside in nearby Saint Augustine or Riverside FL, or your driveway is right here in Jacksonville, our Tom Bush Volkswagen dealership is here to help you find the new or used VW of your dreams. If you're in the Orange Park area and you're considering visiting Tom Bush Volkswagen, here are four reasons why many of our Orange Park and Jacksonville drivers choose Tom Bush Volkswagen for all of their car needs.

  • The Latest New VW Vehicles - Here at Tom Bush Volkswagen, we strive to always have…

Servicing Your Volkswagen in the St. Augustine Area

It's easy to take it for granted that your car will always work when you need it. Our hectic lifestyles and busy schedules leave us little room for our cars to break down unexpectedly on the roads of Orange Park and elsewhere. With regular maintenance, you can usually avoid an unpleasant surprise that leaves you stranded right when you need your car most.

While small, routine maintenance tasks seem innocuous enough to put off until you have the time or inclination, it's best to stay current with completing them.  


Gear up for an exciting summer - service your vehicle today

The springtime is here, which means summer road trips with loved ones are just around the corner. Did you know Tom Bush Volkswagen's service center is here to help you prepare your vehicle properly for extensive travel during the warmer months?


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Our onsite service and repair center proudly and happily serves drivers in and around Jacksonville, Orange Park, Jacksonville Beach, Saint Augustine, and Lakeside FL. Our expert team is ready to help you out with oil changes and tire rotations, fluid f


Let Our Expert Technicians Take Care of Your Volkswagen

Keeping you Volkswagen model in the best shape is easy when you choose to come to get your service done at Tom Bush Volkswagen in Jacksonville, FL. Our certified service technicians make sure you are confident with the work that they are doing. We want to make sure that you know the importance of routine maintenance, and that if you don’t get your vehicle in for oil changes, brake inspections, and tire rotations, you might be facing bigger problems in the future.


Fall Is Here, and It's Time to Wax Your Volkswagen


You survived the Florida summer. Congratulations. Now the fall is coming. Volkswagen recommends waxing your vehicle at the change of every season. So it's high time you made it down to us here at Tom Bush Volkswagen of Jacksonville to get your hands on our line of Volkswagen approved car care products.


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Take Care of Your Car Before a Road Trip

Packing the car with a cooler filled with treats, your favorite beach towel, and all the essentials for a road trip adventure. Amidst all the fun, however, you should have your car serviced a week prior to the trip. Oil, battery, water, hoses, and tire checks can give you piece of mind for the trip.


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Rotate Your Tires at Tom Bush Volkswagen

Whenever you drive a car on a regular basis, one of the things you are probably well aware of the fact that the tires will need to be replaced at some point. This may seem like an overwhelming situation but there is a way to delay the process of replacing the tires. If you are looking to increase the life of your tires, it will be necessary to get them rotated.

By rotating the tires, you will be in position to keep them in the best possible condition and keep yourself safe whenever you drive. Rotating the tires allows you…

Synthetic Blends for Heavy Loads

Motor oil can be a fairly complex product if you look at all the different types and weights there are for various vehicles and their uses. For example, a typical car used for family use in a mild climate will use a certain type of oil. Whereas a full size pickup truck or box truck that was made to haul heavy loads will need a different type.

The latter of those examples should use a synthetic blend (as opposed to just synthetic) that is of a heavier weight than typical conventional motor oils.




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