Here at Tom Bush Volkswagen, we've always been proud of our name and the brand that we represent. In challenging times such as these, we're further reminded of why we bare the Volkswagen name with such pride. In the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, Volkswagen has made several statements regarding steps they're taking to help the community, as well as those who have recently purchased, or are looking to purchase, a new Volkswagen. Learn more about the Volkswagen response to COVID-19 and how you might be impacted as a driver in the Jacksonville and Orange Park areas.

Potential to Defer Payments and Community Outreach

Volkswagen has stated that if you lose your job, flexible payment options may be offered if you're a new or current Volkswagen owner. This includes the potential of a 180-day deferment on your first month's payment. For more information on this opportunity and how it may apply to you as a Daytona, FL, or Palm Coast, FL driver, please contact us.

In addition to deferred payments, Volkswagen is doing a lot for the world in general. From converting one of their factory locations into a facility that can make Personal Protective Equipment items such as masks and gowns, to working with dealership across the country to offer customers further safety options, Volkswagen is doing everything they can to make the world a safer place during this challenging and uncharted time.

Contact Us for More Information

Eager to know more about the details of deferring a car payment or additional community outreach efforts? Contact our helpful team of Volkswagen experts for updated information. If you're interested in what Tom Bush Volkswagen is doing specifically to combat the spread of COVID-19, we would love to share our efforts with you as well. We’re conveniently located near Jacksonville Beach and service Saint Augustine and Riverside, FL drivers, and we serve as a resource for these local Volkswagen lovers.

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