Find Out if Buying or Leasing is Right for You with Your New Volkswagen Purchase


At Tom Bush Volkswagen, when you've made the final decision on which new vehicle you'd like to drive home in, the next set of choices for you is financing and which course of action you'd like to take. Everyone always wonders if buying or leasing is right for them, and we are here to help you decide!

Our finance team can go over all your choices to help you decide which is best for you, as we've highlighted the differences of buying versus leasing, and want you to make a smart and informed choice. When you buy, you're agreeing to pay off the vehicle in full with monthly payments, and it's good for people who know they're going to be driving their Volkswagen for the long term, because once you're done with the payments, you fully own the vehicle and don't have any car payments.

With leasing, you're agreeing to pay a percentage of the vehicle's value over a 36-month or three-year period with wear and use and mileage guidelines that are simple to follow and most people are able to stay within them. At the end of your lease you can choose to enter a new lease for a brand-new vehicle, purchase your current leased vehicle at its remaining resale cost, or go in a different direction. Leasing is good for people who want flexibility and like driving in the latest vehicles all the time.

You can learn more here in our showroom serving Orange Park, Jacksonville Beach, Saint Augustine, Riverside, FL and the greater Jacksonville area as we'd be happy to provide you with all the details you need as you aim to find your next new Volkswagen with us!

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