Fall Is Here, and It's Time to Wax Your Volkswagen


You survived the Florida summer. Congratulations. Now the fall is coming. Volkswagen recommends waxing your vehicle at the change of every season. So it's high time you made it down to us here at Tom Bush Volkswagen of Jacksonville to get your hands on our line of Volkswagen approved car care products.

Washing Tips

Volkswagen advises you never to use dish detergent to wash your vehicle. It contains harmful surfactants and astringents that will strip all protective coatings and wax off your vehicle. When you do wash, if you happen to drop your sponge, grab a new one. You don't want harmful contaminants being smeared around your vehicle creating unsightly scratches that could widen over time, creating rusts spots.

Waxing Tips

To wax your vehicle, make sure it's first clean and dry. Next, apply wax on each panel one-by-one in a circular motion. Don't apply too much, or it could stick to the finish and be hard to remove. When the wax dries to a light haze, use a clean, dry cloth to remove it. When you've waxed your entire vehicle, use a new clean, dry buffing cloth to buff the finish to a high shine, taking care to get into any crevices where wax may remain, like in door gaps. Make sure not to either wash or wax your Volkswagen in direct sunlight. Waxing in a covered place like a garage is best. For more tips, talk to us here at Tom Bush Regency Motors Volkswagen. Have fun washing and waxing!

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