Maintaining Dashboard Warning Lights

Maintaining your vehicle and following its maintenance schedule will allow it to last longer. Some of your dashboard lights are maintenance needs. You can visit our service team at the dealership for all your vehicle's maintenance.

The following lights are easy to identify and are some of the common indicators that may come on in your vehicle. You may also know exactly what to do to fix the issue.

The Change Engine Oil light is exactly that. Your vehicle needs to have the oil changed on a regular basis. After an oil change, be sure your light gets reset. If you forget to get your oil changed, this can cause damage to the engine of your vehicle as time passes.

The Lamp Out light sometimes looks similar to a sun. You may have to investigate to figure out which light is out. Our professionals can find the correct replacement lamp and install it for you if a light similar to this comes on in your vehicle.

The Low Washer Fluid light may resemble a windshield with a wiper. If you are unsure where to fill the windshield fluid reservoir, we can do it for you and give you further windshield wiper maintenance tips.

You can schedule your vehicle for regular maintenance here at Tom Bush Volkswagen. Our service team can change your oil, top off all your fluids, diagnose warning lights, replace blown lights and much more. Keep your vehicle maintained. See us today to learn more about vehicle maintenance.

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